‘Chainsaw’ the word is coined by the combination of two words ‘chain’ and ‘saw’. It signifies the meaning behind it. Originally, it is one type of saw which cuts anything with its sharp teeth attached to a chain. A gasoline or electrical engine rotates the chain which helps the sharp teeth or blade to cut stiff objects. It is approximately ten times more powerful than normal wood cutting saws.


Interesting features of a chainsaw

Chainsaw with electric engine or gas engine is very friendly for cutting down big chunky objects but it is dangerous too. So, training for maintenance is very useful. It also has some special features for safety as follows. A few of quite interesting features of it are as follows:

  • Chain brake: It is applied to stop the moving chain and move back to the previous position. It is fixed to the clutch cover.
  • Chain catcher: It is also located in the clutch cover. The application of it is to shorten the chain when it derails.
  • Rear handle guard is also an important feature because it helps to protect the hand of the operator.
  • On/off switch: Any electrical equipment needs it. As chainsaw has an electric engine it also has an on/off switch.
  • The anti-vibrating system protects the extra vibration of the chainsaw. It helps the operator to work hazard freely.
  • Scabbard: A chainsaw is a portable equipment. But sometime the sharp cutter chain may cause injury so using scabbard is more useful when one travel with it. This also protects the chain from damage.


Working Mechanism

The chain of a chainsaw is same as bicycle just with an extra feature of sharp teeth. These teeth are made with very strong material such as chromium or bromide. So that it can cut any metal plates or stone. An engine of gas or electrical help the chain to rotate and the sharp blades or teeth which are adjusted with it in an angle cut the object.


Techniques for handling this giant

An operator of a chainsaw is trained with technical knowledge and skill to operate it safely. Otherwise, they can face a various problem with it because it is a very powerful instrument for causing sufficient injury.

Properly size of a big tree is very important for safely cutting a tree. Clearing the base of a tree is very important to give a right direction to the main of the tree. So that it cannot create any problem. For doing this one must have to cut 1/4th of the base in the 45-degree angle and then cut left 1/10th part of the base from opposite side of the direction of falling. Sometimes cutting and falling a tree may be dangerous for a tree. So first cutting out the part of the tree which can cause any problem.

Some special type of chainsaw can cut metal, stone, and other harder materials. It is important to be careful when cutting a stone, the dust can arise some problem for the eyes of the operator.


Applied usage of Chainsaw

This long teethed big instrument has got a thousand uses which result in tearing apart of a number of rock solid hard obstacles, but the most notable ones among them are as follows:

  • Normally it is used to cut down a tree or big wooden chunks.
  • It also can cut metal things. Chainsaw with diamond grift is more powerful than a normal chainsaw. It is applied to cut metal plates, concrete,
  • In cold countries, big ice chunks are cut with a chainsaw.
  • Chainsaws are also used to cut stones. In the mountain area, it is applied to cut the stones for road construction.


Pros & Cons

Electrical or gasoline chainsaw is very powerful so cutting any harder thing is very useful with it than any simple saw. It helps to stop reducing the extra energy of the operator. It also helps to save time.

On the contrary, every instrument has its own demerits. Any person who is not trained in the working techniques and skill can be injured with it. Sometimes the electrical cord may cause an accident. Lack of care may be the reason of death. More handling such a big equipment needs quite spacious areas and at the same time, it is hazardous too.



Though it has some disadvantages it is a very popular equipment for professional tree-cutter, metallic plate cutter, road contractor in western countries, stone cutter or marble designer and those people who have to cut harder objects. It is a very powerful equipment it is important to keep away it from children.

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